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Natural wood is undoubtedly a beautiful material to use in an interior setting and has a wonderful tactile feel. Nevertheless it does have certain practical limitations which wood effect wall tiles can easily overcome. Despite this, it was once the case that, even with its acknowledged performance benefits, wood effect tiles offered such poor visual authenticity that discerning homeowners were most reluctant to consider them a viable alternative. However, modern wood effect tiles of good quality can now capture the tones and textures of natural wood tiles to such an extent that it often takes the trained eye of an expert to spot the difference.


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Consummate visual appeal

A combination of new technologies and evolving consumer expectations have transformed the appearance of modern wood effect tiling. Designers are now able to replicate the patterns of natural wood with a remarkable degree of realism and accuracy, including the detailed simulation of wood grain characteristics as well as the appearance of knots and blemishes. And if consumers require the look of aged wood, then designers can also simulate splits, bleaching and many other features of time-worn timber. Sophisticated design practices also ensure that wood effect tiling also reflects the randomised occurrence of all these features – so high-quality tiles offer plenty of variety and will not endlessly duplicate one single design pattern.

A further benefit of these advances is that homeowners are not necessarily limited to just those shades which appear in the natural world. Without stretching natural boundaries too far, it is possible to supply wood effect wall tiles in a broader range of colours, making it possible to colour-match other interior features whilst still retaining the desired natural characteristics of a certain kind of timber.

Outstanding durability

Unlike natural wood, porcelain wood effect tiles are dense and solid, entirely waterproof, non-staining and extremely resistant to scratching and general wear. As a result of these qualities, wood effect tiling can, for instance, be installed in kitchens and bathrooms – and indeed in any other home interior – without fear that it may suffer water damage. And likewise, this tiling can be confidently installed in busy areas of the home without the high maintenance demands which would be experienced with natural wood.

Highlights of the Indigenous collection

Ash is a handsome tile which offers a very natural range of light and dark grey shades and distressed markings and blemishes which mimic the qualities of ash wood. Meanwhile, Bark is a detailed study of wood bark and its imperfections in a mix of sepia brown colours on a beige and grey backdrop.

Chocolate is a tile modelled on dark wood which accurately replicates the graining, knots and blemishes found in good quality natural timber. Once installed, this tiling would make a characterful addition to any interior space.

Where an aged look is required the Mushroom design offers the paler look of timber which has dried out. As a result, this pattern goes beyond simulated graining to introduce splits and other distortions commonly found in older timber.

Another time-worn look, Oatmeal blends mellow light-browns and greys over a beige background to simulate grain, splits, knots, bleaching effects and more. This design creates a warm and welcoming simulation of moderately weathered timber.


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