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Indigenous is a well established and key UK supplier of natural flooring and wall products. We offer many varieties of limestone, wood, slate, marble and terracotta. More recently, Indigenous has expanded its offering to include unique bathroom pieces and stunning eye-catching furniture and accessories. Our focus is natural, often handmade, products that have distinct texture and form. We have a wide variety of customers ranging from home and business owners, to architects and interior designers.

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Over fifteen years ago, fresh out of university and holidaying in Southern Spain, Joss Thomas happened to see some terracotta tiles being handmade. They were laid on a mountainside to dry in the sun. Joss was inspired…. and Indigenous was born.

From these humble beginnings, Joss has continued to grow Indigenous. Natural flooring still plays a key role, but over the years Indigenous has expanded its offering to include decorative products for walls, stunning bathroom pieces alongside beautiful and eye-catching furniture and accessories.

Joss still personally sources all of Indigenous' products. He will always be drawn to the natural and handmade. Products that have a distinct texture and form, that are unique; sometimes rustic, sometimes minimalist and incredibly simple in style.Indigenous isn’t a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your interior and exterior needs, but does aim to offer you something that injects a real ‘wow’ factor to your chosen space.

Natural living is about being inspired by nature, craftsmanship, natural raw materials and their individuality. It’s about working with the inherent qualities of the material, as opposed to working against them. Creating something that has a practical purpose but which retains its natural charm.Taking something rather ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary.

Our Care & Dedication

At Indigenous, every customer matters. We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach with each customer's individual requirements. Our showroom team are always on hand, with expert knowledge, to offer advice on how to achieve the desired look. Discussions take place around colour, texture and finish. Practical and technical considerations are also taken into account - what works best where and why, laying and installation advice, along with tips on products that complement each other and work well together. From initial enquiry, through to purchase and delivery, we ensure we take the time to understand what you want and need from us, and how we can best fulfil these requests.

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