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Bathrooms are no longer purely functional spaces in our homes, but have become havens of relaxation, spa-like places to spend time in. A luxurious wet room, sleek and minimalist, can be an incredibly stylish addition to any home, especially when space is limited. And without the need to accommodate large structures such as baths and shower cubicles, an area that might have felt confined is freed up to create an area that feels spacial and welcoming. Apart from the increased aesthetic options this space allows, a wet room also demands exceptionally robust waterproofing and high quality tiling is an integral part of this requirement. The Indigenous collection of wall and floor tiles features a range of materials such as wood, stone, porcelain and slate which can be used, and often combined, to transform your wet room into a glamorous and contemporary space which adds value to your home.

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Wet room: basic principles

A typical wet room is 100% waterproof and includes a walk-in shower facility set at the same level as the common floor area. Even though there is no practical need to enclose the shower space, many homeowners still choose to use some form of glass screen to define the shower area and minimise the amount of excess water sprayed elsewhere. In an open-plan wet room, the flooring has a gentle slope towards a drain, located within the main shower area, which means all water flows will drain away. Wet rooms can be installed on both concrete and wood floors and, as with traditional bathrooms, can be located anywhere in the home. With flooring all on one level, a wet room solution is much easier to clean and its inclusive design provides safe access for families with younger children and those with limited mobility.

Waterproofing measures

To ensure a wet room is completely watertight, the surfaces of all drainage and tiled areas must first be primed to remove any traces of dust and dirt. This is then followed by installing a soft waterproof membrane. Once this is in place, tiling best practice is to use a flexible adhesive with rapid-set characteristics. This allows for potential movement without compromising the waterproof bonding with the underlying membrane and requires that adhesive is applied to the total area underneath the wet room tiles. Strategically placed dabs of adhesive are not enough, the entire space must be filled to prevent any water seeping beneath the tiled surface.

Wet room tiles

Where a natural stone finish is required, an elegant tile with simple, clean lines, such as the Indigenous Ink in blue-grey limestone, would be a great choice for a contemporary wet room. These tiles are available in a range of different sizes to create varying looks from brick bond to larger random lengths.

Marble is a classic material homeowners often choose to create an interior with a timeless sense of luxury and elegance. Sumptuous white Carrara marble with its tasteful blue/grey veining is a popular choice, as is the rich brown Dark Emperador with its web-like pale veins. Or for an extra touch of opulence, choose a jet black Nero marble threaded with distinctive white veins.

Slate is naturally hard-wearing and has inherently good non-slip properties due to its riven nature, making it a perfect choice for a wet room. It works particularly well on walls as a tile or cladding material, and can therefore be carried effortlessly from floors to walls to create a seamless, contemporary interior.

Porcelain, available in a variety of different effects ranging from metal, concrete, cement to wood, is durable, naturally stain and liquid resistant and low maintenance. It is very popular amongst designers and is a fabulous choice for a stylish, minimalist wet room. For an urban, industrial look, choose Smoke Concrete Effect with its cloudy, dusty grey colour, or for a wood-inspired wall cladding, opt for Light Fawn in a creamy beige, with all the look of wood, but hassle free - completely waterproof and resistant to wear.

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