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Stone is a timeless, hard-wearing construction material used for building and decoration since ancient times. With its rich variety of tones and formats, stone can offer plenty of choice when it comes to selecting a natural material for your stone wall tiles. A growing modern trend, wall tiles are a perfect way to update an interior space, providing a seamless transition from floors to walls, link separate areas, or extend a room’s existing design theme. Stone tiling is also a highly practical, easy-to-clean choice in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms where hygiene is such an important consideration.


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The Indigenous range of stone wall tiles can be used to introduce a new dimension to your interior walls, add a touch of contemporary style to a bathroom, or reinforce the charm and cosy feel of a traditional country property.


Limestone is a beautiful, natural stone which exudes warmth and sophistication. Available in a variety of colours, limestone has plenty of traditional soft whites and creams as well as a range of darker shades for a more contemporary look. Limestone tiles are hard-wearing and durable, and thus very suitable for busy spaces. A number of finishing options means limestone tiling also offers a good choice of different visual appearances. Polished surfaces produce a smooth, sparkling surface sheen which is delightfully reflective, while honing grinds the face of the tile flat and smooth, leaving a matte, non-reflective surface and a consistent profile. Tumbling can also be used to give wall tiles an aged, weathered appearance, while brushing takes away some of the looser parts of a tile’s surface to leave a very hard-wearing textured surface.


Luxurious and exclusive, beautifully veined marble tiles can be supplied in a range of naturally detailed colours. Popular with Greek and Roman architects, marble can be finished to a stunning high gloss appearance which reflects natural light and gives any room a wonderfully spacious feel. A glamorous range of colour options includes the pristine beauty of classic pure white marbles, as well as sumptuous deep brown and red shades. Its interior veining – the result of water present when the stone was created – is a large part of marble’s sophisticated appeal. Each vein network produces long meandering lines which branch and streak the surface with subtle colour, giving every tile that unique organic look. And as with other natural stone, the appearance of marble can be further enhanced by polishing and honing techniques.


Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock formed from mudstone or shale in volcanic conditions. Containing clays, or perhaps volcanic ash, quarried slate is generally grey or black in colour. However, depending upon its iron content, slate deposits can take on random patches of other earthy colours such as brown, gold and blue tones. Different finishing techniques can change the overall appearance of slate: Naturally riven slate gives an aged look, and can vary from being heavily riven to give a rustic look, to less riven for a more contemporary feel, honing gives slate a smooth surface, whilst tumbling slate will round off the edges and give a softer, worn appearance. The edges of slate can also be chipped, carried out by hand, to give an antique, aged look.


Though it resembles marble, travertine is actually a derivative form of limestone rock. In its natural state, the surface of travertine is covered with pits and voids. This patterning, which gives every piece its own unique identity, is often filled with colour-matched stone resin to give a smoother surface finish. Travertine’s warm, earthy tones range from subtle ivories to rich walnuts and will add a touch of luxury to any home interior.


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