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Stone Effect Wall Tiles

The beauty of natural stone has an authentic appeal which explains its enduring popularity as a common material for tiling interior walls. Nevertheless, a new generation of stone effect wall tiles offers a serious alternative which can be employed to stunning effect. Where replica tiles were once little more than a poor imitation of the real thing, modern technology can now produce porcelain simulations with such a fine degree of detail and textural integrity that many are unable to choose between the real stone and the porcelain version. Viewed alongside the performance advantages of stone effect tiles, this can give homeowners an interesting dilemma: Whether to opt for stunning natural stone and accept some maintenance demands, or choose the practical benefits of exquisite stone effect tiles?

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High-calibre simulations

When choosing design materials, homeowners and interior designers naturally prioritise the look and decorative effect they seek to achieve. That is unquestionably why, despite their cost and performance advantages, earlier stone effect replica tiles had limited market appeal. Modern inkjet technology now controls the high-definition printing of sophisticated digital reproductions of natural patterns and textures which capture and replicate nuanced images in astounding detail. Specific advances include: the deployment of a far broader colour palette; the evolution of vivid, super-authentic colours; printing right to the very edge, even where the tiling is distressed; subtle variation of colour intensity to recreate natural highlights; huge graphic variations to recreate the dynamics of natural images.

Superior performance advantages

As well as their much-enhanced visual appearance, stone effect wall tiles also bring all the practical advantages of porcelain. So whereas natural stone surfaces have to be sealed after installation to avoid staining and water penetration, porcelain tiling is naturally waterproof and non-staining. This makes stone effect tiling an excellent choice for damper environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, porcelain tiling, like many natural stones, is extremely hard-wearing, and thus can be freely used in busy home areas where, alongside their good looks, their easy-clean properties and durability make them a sound investment.

An extended palette

Not only does modern stone effect tiling simulate the essence of the natural material with a pleasing authenticity, in some situations it can even surpass the utility of the natural product. Whereas the colour range of natural stone is limited by nature’s resources, simulated stone can extend this ‘natural palette’ to include some extra shades. This allows the homeowner some additional colour matching options to achieve certain interior effects.

Realistic shades of limestone and basalt

 The Indigenous collection of stone effect wall tiles offers some beautifully realistic basalt and limestone shades:

Azul Bateig is a stunning tile which captures the tone and texture of earth-grey limestone with a bluish tinge. And if a darker tone is required, Basalt Anthracite has some colour variation and veining to give a slate-like lustre which is reminiscent of a cool-blue seam of coal.

Jerusalem Limestone is a wonderful simulation of the texture and colouring of a time-worn flagstone. The sumptuous design uses a rich mix of cream, pale gold and pale pink colours with some blurred light-grey detailing. Meanwhile, San Vincente is an altogether darker limestone textured image which is a fine replica of this ‘moon grey’ limestone. A close look at the detail of the San Vincente design enables you to appreciate how the features of a fine, dark-grey limestone with a slightly porous surface speckled with quartz have been exquisitely captured.


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