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Often used in bathrooms and kitchens, slate wall tiles can be honed and smooth to create a stylish contemporary look, or produced riven with a rugged, textured appearance to add a rustic, traditional or industrial ambience to your chosen interior.

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A smooth hard surface

Slate is a hard rock formed from clay which has been put under enormous natural pressures – often during periods of volcanic activity when new mountain ranges appear on the earth’s surface. At such dramatic moments even the smallest clay crystals are perfectly aligned in the same plane, which is what subsequently allows slate to be riven (split) into flat sheets, each with a very smooth surface.

In its natural state, quarried slate is a metamorphic rock which has a dull sheen. When struck on an edge, the slate rock then characteristically separates into multiple smooth, thin layers. Slate sheets are commonly grey or black but, due to the presence of other deposits, some may develop a spotted appearance with colourful shades of brown, green, blue or purple. It is quite common to find well-defined fossil specimens preserved within slate rock.
Installing slate on walls
Slate wall tiles should be fixed with a flexible wall tile adhesive. This is especially important if the underlying surface is a studded wall or plasterboard panels. And to ensure a good bond, it also makes sense to prime the wall as a first step to prevent water leaching into the plaster. If this is allowed to occur, the natural drying process may be interrupted and your tiles may not stay securely in place.
Maintaining interior slate
Slate is a beautiful natural material, which means you can expect to see some variations in the stone that simply enhance its appeal. While adding glossy black ceramic features within your space can underscore slate’s contemporary look, slate interiors can also be used to reflect the rustic charm of old oak furniture. However, preserving the wonderful aged look of slate does require some attention.
It’s very important to ensure slate wall tiles are properly sealed. They naturally absorb moisture and liquids and thus if left unsealed would quickly become discoloured as they gather a layer of oil and dirt. And when grouting has been completed, it’s sensible to use a natural stone cleaner to clean off any surface residue which tends to accumulate during the grouting phase. Sealing your slate tiling is the best way to preserve its stunning natural appearance.
Highlights from the Indigenous collection of Brazilian slate
The Brazilian Black is an attractive black tile and would be a perfect choice for a wet room, where it could be used on both walls and flooring to create a stylish, integrated interior. This calibrated slate, has a uniform, lightly riven surface, is extremely hard wearing and has inherently good non-slip properties.
Another versatile choice for walls and flooring is Brazilian Grey, a dark grey slate with greenish undertones. This durable tile has a lightly riven surface and works well in bathrooms as well as kitchens and conservatories.
The decorative Brazilian Multicolour is a mixture of vibrant brown and ochre tones spread over a grey backdrop to stunning effect. This special tile will add a final touch of charm and sophistication to any interior.

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