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Oak Effect Floor Tiles

Most homeowners appreciate the stunning beauty of natural oak wood flooring. And beyond its rich visual appeal, the tactile feel and warmth it adds to a room makes oak flooring a highly sought after option. However, such an investment can sometimes be prone to damage, and there is an element of maintenance involved. Until fairly recently, the only alternative option which offered greater durability was a porcelain wood-effect tile in a somewhat limited range of generic ‘wood-type’ patterns. However, modern oak wood effect floor tiles have greatly improved in recent years and offer ultra-realistic options which closely simulate the unique grain and texture of natural timber.

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Visual appeal and flexibility

Modern porcelain tile technology, often inspired by actual wood grain images, can now simulate the knots, rings and other imperfections which are such an important part of the visual impact of natural oak flooring. An Indigenous Bark tile, for instance, captures the light and shade effect of living wood while the Light Fawn tile explores the delicate shadowing of lighter tones. Further variation is offered by the Mushroom tile which mimics lightly weathered oak or the parched-wood effect of Oatmeal complete with exquisite time-worn blemishes.

Aesthetically attractive, porcelain tiles have practical advantages too. Unlike real wood flooring, oak effect floor tiles will not require sealing. That means they can be used problem-free in damp locations such as kitchens and bathrooms where authentic wood flooring would be an impractical choice. In addition, these hard-wearing floor tiles can be laid in areas such as hallways which are likely to experience heavy traffic – and where a traditional oak floor may scratch and stain or show signs of heavy wear.

Expand your interior style options

Whilst oak wood effect floor tiles can be installed using the same geometric patterns as natural wood planks, different tile designs and colours can also be mixed together to create totally unique effects. And in addition, a range of plank widths can also help to create further random or rustic-style patterns.

The flexibility of porcelain tiling also means that interior patterns can be carried seamlessly across walls and flooring. And where adjacent spaces demand continuity, designs can flow from room to room and also incorporate external patio areas for an inside/outside look.

Optimised for modern environments

 Oak effect floor tiles are a sustainable choice which offers the beauty of oak timber without posing any threat to our precious natural woodland resources. Furthermore, these tiles are can be installed with complete confidence where there is any form of modern underfloor heating.



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