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Filling our homes with plants and tactile materials connects us with nature over the winter-time.  But, in the spring, it’s time to take the inside out.  Thoughtful styling can make a big difference to a garden and can create the perfect setting for cherished memories.


Outdoor furniture needs to be robust and weather-resistant, but style and comfort needn’t be compromised.  Wood and wicker are fabulous tactile materials that can be accessorised with deep, sumptuous cushions, cosy throws and a fragrant jar of meadow flowers or herbs.  Designs like our Branchwood Day Bed and Sofa bring a lounge-like feel to the garden, whilst the Branchwood Bar Stool and Table is perfect for an intimate nook.  Each of these designs are handmade from small salvaged teak wood branches that are collected after pruning and then kiln dried for a sun-bleached appearance.  The collection also includes a Branchwood Stool – the perfect little side table for drinks and a book.


With the addition of an outside tub, you can also create your own garden spa.  Copper, tin or nickel bath tubs are the best options; all of these materials retain heat really well and can generally be left outdoors, though it’s best to cover them up when not in use. They’re also surprisingly light, so easy to move around.  Traditional bateau-style designs, with their symmetrical shape and gentle sloping ends, create a beautiful feature and can also easily accommodate two. Don’t forget a well-appointed stool for drinks and snacks, and a hook for a towel or bathrobe; especially important if you’re planning a Nordic-style soak on a chilly night.


Featuring the outside bathroom cabin at The Workers Cottage

Photography: Mark Anthony Fox



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