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The new terracotta tile trend

Terracotta tiles are making a big comeback this year. They bring a real sunny warmth to the home and have an honest, pared-back appeal that really suits the new ‘elegant rustic’ interior. Discover terracotta tiles

One of our favourites is Classic Terracotta

These tiles are handmade in a wooden mould and laid out in the Mediterranean sun to dry. They have a simple honed, matt finish and tones that vary from honey to rose, in square and rectangular formats. These sunny shades really lift neutral tones in chic, modern schemes. (They’re also incredibly forgiving in terms of muddy boots and paws!) See our classic terracotta

Our Antique Pammets are a ruddier terracotta…

shade and have a slightly bumpy, textured surface. Chipped edges and salts give them a more rustic appearance, as well as the occasional paw mark made whilst the tiles are drying outside on the mountainside. Explore antique pammets

For the ultimate authentic look…

…there’s our exclusive Reclaimed Terracotta. These tiles date back to the 18th and 19th centuries and are sourced from ‘Maisons de maitre’ across France. Their heritage and their distinct colour – burnt rose, with a mix of earthy flaming – make them a very special addition to the home. Discover reclaimed terracotta

If you’re looking for a contrasting colour partner for your walls, grey tones pick up the secondary shades of terracotta beautifully. Sage green works really well too, as well as ‘colour wheel’ neighbours like warm rose and ochre.

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