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Surfaces that feed the senses

Texture is a powerful element that can transform how a space feels, in terms of its aesthetics and touch-appeal. Even the subtlest dimensions can reflect light, add scale, create a fabulous contrast and add heaps of tactile attraction.

Natural textures are amongst our favourites. We love the heavy, rustic feel of timber and have found some fabulous cladding materials to create cocoon-like spaces. Reclaimed Beam is one of our favourites, with its rich colour and grain. For a more upcycled look, Old Windows creates a real statement, with its original chips of red, blue and yellow paint.

Bathrooms are a great place to introduce texture and contrast. Our Petrified Wood Basin has a gnarled, trunk-like exterior and a smooth, stone-like interior. Or try our our Copper Bath Tub – the two surfaces of the tub – copper and tin – provide differing elements, with the outside creating a warm, sumptuous glow against the tub’s cool metal interior.

All of these fabulous textures – rough and smooth – can be softened with tactile materials, like faux fur, sheepskin and wool. And, as the night’s draw in, warm scented candles lit to throw shadows and make the home smell simply lovely.

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