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The statement pedestal basin creates a fabulous feature in the bathroom. A world away from the traditional ‘sink-and-leg’ ceramic design, its elongated format draws the eye and provides endless scope for decoration.

Indigenous’ range includes seven handmade designs in a variety of unusual materials and standing just under a metre tall. Rustic pedestals include the Riverstone basin crafted from a river boulder originating from river in Central Java, Petrified Wood basin and Tree Trunk designs: Riverstone is made from a salvaged volcanic boulder, whilst Petrified Wood is carved from wood that’s been buried under ground, causing the timber to turn into a stone-like material. The Tree Trunk pedestal – which has a copper basin – is hewn from a Longan tree log, salvaged when it no longer produces fruit. All three designs have contrasting surfaces, being naturally textured on the outside and smooth on the inside.

Contemporary options include Indigenous’ Cararra Marble and Stone Resin pedestal basins. The marble pedestal is a sleek, glamorous piece, in a simple circular design with strong grey veining through its white stone surface. The Stone Resin pedestal is more minimalist, with a luxurious tactile matt finish, in a conical and rectangular format.

All of Indigenous’ pedestals are offered as part of individual collections, with matching counter-top basins, furniture and accessories crafted from the same material. Each material is chosen for its striking aesthetic, natural durability and sustainability.

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