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Indigenous has introduced a stunning new Crystal Rock basin to its exclusive Bathroom Collection. Hand-carved from rare crystal block, sourced from Africa, the stunning basin glistens with colourless ice-like crystals, creating a translucent ‘crystal clear’ effect.

What is Kristallos?

Derived from the Greek “kristallos” which means “ice”, Crystal Rock is a rare, semi-precious stone formed over thousands of years. In primitive times, rock crystal deposits were considered to be ‘scared land’ and throughout the Middle Ages, its preciousness was akin to diamonds.

How our Crystal Rock Wash Basin is Crafted

Indigenous’ basin is hand carved into a diamond shaped bowl, which reinforces its jewel-like aesthetic.

Simple brassware, tealights and carefully considered lighting – preferably underneath the basin – enhance its overall glamorous feel and stunning translucent appearance.

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