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Our handmade Glazed Wall Tile Collection brings a welcome pop of colour to the home, with a distinct artisan feel. Traditional seaside-inspired blues and greens, join warm saffron and peachy tones and bold primary shades. There are also soft white, cream and grey neutrals, as well as an unusual Blanco Craquele crackle-effect for an aged look.

All of the designs are handmade from Spanish Terracotta and are glazed by artisans to achieve a washed colour tone and a high-gloss finish.

Each tile has subtle variations; the edges are uneven and surfaces combine smooth and undulating areas, with the occasional raised salt pop. The finished effect is perfectly imperfect.

Each tile is offered in two square and two rectangular formats, measuring 75×150, 100×100, 100×200 and 130x130x10mm.

Our Handmade Glazed Tile Range

Our glazed wall tile collection includes 15 colours from discreet naturals like aquas, mustard, sage, blush and peachy shades to strong bold colours like dark greens and blues.

There are plenty of tiles to choose from and we’ve highlighted our favourites below.

Handmade Glazed Tiles Available by Colour

Pink, Red, Yellow & Orange Glazed Tiles

Our reds, pinks and yellow glazed tiles offer striking sunflower yellows to pillar-box reds.

A pale, subtle soft colour, that’s between pink and orange our Salmon glazed tile is expertly finished to create a stunning unique glazed tile.

For a rich and bold pillar box red our Rojo glazed tile is perfect for a stand out feature wall.

If you like strong, rich honey coloured tiles our Miel glazed tile offers a luxury yellow tile with a shimmering glazed finish.

Striking in its colouring our Amarillo yellow tile can create an eye catching surface.

Green Glazed Tiles

For a pastel green finish try our Verde pastel tile, a pale, softer version of our darker green glazed tiles.

Our darkest green glazed tile makes for a perfect stand out splashback or feature wall. Choose Dark Green Verde tile if you enjoy strong emerald greens.

This Pale Agua Marina Green tile,  is coloured to resemble the sea and mixes of turquoise greens.  Choose this tile for a subtle finish that can be used anywhere.

Blue Glazed Tiles

From regal blues to pale lavenders. Here’s our blue glazed range.

For a deep, strong blue tiled wall choose our Azul deep blue tile. Azul offers a strong statement finish, perfect for kitchens or bathrooms.

Mediterranean blues, reminiscent of the warm seas can brighten any room. Our Azul Lavanda blue tiles offer a perfect pale blue finish.

If you want to achieve a clear sky blue finish, our Azul Claro pale blue tile can brighten up any space.

Glazed Tiles in White

Whether you are looking for pure white glazed tiles or more of an off or creamy white we can help. Here are our favourite whites right now.

For fresh, pure bright white walls our glazed blanco pure white tile, can give you a clean and pure looking splashback or bathroom wall.

The ultimate tile for versatility our Crema vanilla tile, can be used as part of almost any interior style because of it’s creamy colouring.

Ideal for modern styles, our Blanco antiguo tile offers an aged, off-white finish that looks almost grey in some light.

Each tile is offered in two square and two rectangular formats, measuring 75×150, 100×100, 100×200 and 130x130x10mm.

Browse and buy from our glazed and patterned wall tile collection.

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