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It’s easy to get carried away when designing a luxury bathroom. Getting inspiration from design shows and lifestyle magazines can mean you get so immersed in the trends that you forget about the practicality factor. You want a bathroom that’s sleek and elegant but still works with your everyday life.

Everyone envisages empty unit tops and tidy shelving when designing their bathrooms, and the way to ensure it stays that way is by having enough storage space. You can easily accomplish this with thought-out bathroom furniture, whether it’s worked into your basin units, your luxury driftwood or reclaimed mirrors or even the walls – that much is up to you.

At Indigenous we have some stunning pieces of bathroom furniture made out of unique and natural materials that can make your bathroom a room to be proud of.

Bathroom storage

There are some products that you might want to have on display but then others that you would prefer to keep hidden. Your storage space doesn’t have to be boring, you can make it both practical and stylish with our range of bathroom furniture. Basin units with storage underneath, feature-piece storage units and mirror cabinets can help keep your bathroom looking sleek and tidy.

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Adding texture to your luxury bathroom

With shelves and open units, you can openly store things in a stylish way. Woven baskets are a great way to add texture and a natural feel to the bathroom, whilst hiding your stuff.

Another consideration can be how you store your towels. Folded towels in open storage space can provide texture, colour and a pleasing aesthetic to a luxury bathroom.

See our range of towel rails and ladders

Our range of teak bathroom furniture

Teak’s a beautiful wood that’s long been praised for its durability and resistance to water. For this reason, we’ve sought out a beautiful range of teak bathroom furniture, including unique pieces handcrafted from striking teak root.

From washstands to wall hung basin units, our teak products make a great addition to any bathroom.


If you’re looking for some more bathroom inspiration, you can order a free brochure here or pop into our Burford showroom. We’d be happy to sit down over a coffee and discuss some ideas on how we can help transform your bathroom into a tranquil space that is beautiful and practical.

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