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Grey is now a firmly established neutral and a very popular choice, alongside enduring beige limestone flooring. It brings a sophisticated feel to any interior. It’s versatile and works beautifully with paler tones that are able to shine through. It also works well with bright pigments, like cherry reds, opulent purple, green and blue ‘jewel’ shades and powdery primary hues.

There are some fabulous dark grey and ebony limestone flooring designs, like our Ink and Imperial floor tiles, and Oratory flagstones. If you’re searching for something lighter and more neutral, there’s still lots of choice.

If you’re looking for a limestone that bridges the gap between beige and grey, Cathedral is a great option. This French limestone mixes salt and pepper shades with blues and greys. It’s an aged flagstone and there’s lots of colour variation between slabs. Gentle tumbling creates a vintage effect, but its colouring gives it a contemporary vibe too.

Another great option is our new limestone, Manoir. It has a broad mix of grey and cream colour variations. Like Cathedral, it’s textured and aged, so it creates that reclaimed limestone flooring look, but at a fraction of the price.

Both designs suit all interior styles, from elegant rustic country home to edgy urban apartment; where you can achieve a cool, eclectic look. Choosing tumbled limestone flooring brings lots of practical benefits, as the surface will have good non-slip properties. So, as well as providing a great option for bathrooms and kitchens, stones can be safely continued onto patios and terraces for a seamless transition outdoors.

For a more simple, honed look, Azul is a lovely option. It has a silvery grey tone with hints of blue. Its chic, smooth surface and square edges give a more contemporary look, but like the tumbled designs, it’s a versatile stone and would be at home in any interior.

For more inspiration browse our limestone collection, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Or, pop into our Burford showroom to talk through ideas, and compare different stone samples over a coffee.

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