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The Ofuro Japanese-style Soaking Bath Tub is the newest addition to our Freestanding Bath Collection.  Chosen to provide a different type of bathing experience, the Ofuro can be enjoyed in the home or garden.  It’s handmade from smooth and untreated cedar wood and it brings together simplistic lines and tactile, aromatic wood.  The tub is designed to be enjoyed sitting upright, for a deep and relaxing soak.


The Ofuro is a traditional Japanese design that is enjoyed as part of the traditional bathing ritual, taken at the end of each day. The short, steep-sided tubs are made for relaxing and warming, rather than washing, with the water clear, still and hot.


Our Ofuro comes in two sizes.  The small tub measures (l) 980 x (w) 660 x (h) 770mm and the large tub measures (l) 1270 x (w) 660x (h) 770mm.  Each sits on small synthetic feet, which allows ventilation to the under surface.  The tub is easy to maintain, with a coarse scrubbing brush.


Our Freestanding Bath Collection also includes Metal, Stone and Stone Resin bath tubs, in a variety of styles and finishes.




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