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What is Indoor Outdoor Living?

‘Bringing the outdoors in’ is a hugely popular interior design trend. It’s one that blossomed with the arrival of the bi-fold door, which allowed us to integrate living areas with patios and terraces. Now, as the trend continues to grow, plants are being incorporated into walls, to create lush healthy surfaces, and furniture and textiles are moving into the garden. But whilst this trend looks beautiful in the pages of a glossy magazine, how can we recreate something similar that’s easy to maintain, come rain or shine?

Here are our top tips on creating indoor outdoor interior design cohesion for your living spaces, in perfect time for summer!

How You Can Create Indoor Outdoor Interior Designs

One of the easiest ways is to embrace the indoor plant. Botanical styling is all the rage and along with aesthetic gains there are lots of healthy benefits too: plants purify the air, removing toxins; help control humidity and can also help reduce stress. In the kitchen, fresh herbs looks fabulous on window sills and as fragrant centre-pieces on dining tables – indoors and outside. Larger plants, with lots of air-cleaning foliage, work really well in bedrooms and living rooms, and are useful for decorating empty fireplaces in summer months. Whilst, in the bathroom, trailing plants, like ivy and the humble spider plant, bring welcome natural fibres to hard ceramic surfaces and thrive in the humidity.

Indoor outdoor living spaces can be a little more tricky in the UK climate but, as long as you choose the right materials, you can create a space that will survive the elements. When you’re choosing furniture, make sure that it’s treated or ‘all weather’ and look out for lightweight materials that are easy to move about. Wicker furniture is hugely popular but stick to continuous, smooth weaves, so that the material doesn’t splinter and snag clothes. Cushions and upholstery should also be made from all-weather fabric, so that they’re water-resistant and won’t fade in the sun. Try our sofas, day beds and sun loungers for inspiration.

Cooking & Heating Outdoors

To cook and keep warm outdoors, consider a reclaimed fire pit. There are some fabulous designs available, with authentic Indian-style oil drums proving especially popular for all garden styles. Good quality iron tools and accessories can make a big difference in terms of the cooking experience, especially if (like me) your al-fresco feast tends to be a little on the burnt side!

Here are tips on how to choose a fire pit so you can get the best fire pit for your outdoor space.

Indoor Outdoor Flooring Style Advice

If your summer preparations are more structural, consider using the same colour palette and surface materials inside and outdoors, to create a fluid, seamless look. If you’re revamping a floor, natural stone pavers, like limestone flooring with lots of colour variation and a tumbled finish, like our beige tumbled limestone tile work really well when connecting indoor and outdoor spaces and give good grip. Porcelain tiles can also be used on floors and to clad walls, and provide a surface that’s resistant to water and staining. There are masses of options available, from rustic wood and stone designs to urban-styled concrete effects.

Here are even more examples of what makes limestone such a practical choice for flooring outdoors.

Outdoor Lighting Tips

To provide the finishing touch to an outdoor space, incorporate some waterproof fairy lights and lanterns – and, when the weather is set fair, adorn furniture with throws and cushions. And don’t forget to dress your table, with flowers in a pitcher or jam jars for a bohemian feel, or if you’re looking to create a more decadent look, a fabulous candelabra – with citronella candles, to ward off the bugs!

For more ideas and inspiration, visit our showroom.

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