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Our homes and gardens have become so important to us and spending time in ‘close quarters’ has made us look at new ways to enjoy them.  Garden spas are one of our favourite new things; a blend of outside and inside that brings a luxe holiday vibe home. There’s so much potential to create something beautiful, no matter how large or small your outdoor space is.


The traditional tub

Traditional tin bath tubs are the perfect choice for an outdoor soak.  Most are made of copper or tin; both of these materials retain heat really well and can generally be left outdoors, though it’s best to cover them up when they’re not in use. They’re also surprisingly light, so easy to move around.


Tubs in other colours too

As well as our signature tin tub, our bateau-style bath also comes in more unusual metals too, like super shiny nickel and bronze.  There’s also Oxidised Copper which has a turquoise patina layered over highly polished tin; salt is rubbed into the metal and the surface is then heated to create this stunning Verdigris finish.


Luxe bubbles outdoors

The stunning Riverstone design provides an authentic, natural hot tub experience. It’s hewn from a volcanic Basalt Rock boulder, originating from the active Marapi volcano in Central Java.  Inside, the tub has a silky-smooth finish that contrasts with its rugged exterior. Made to order, each tub is completely unique.  An electric thermostatically-controlled heating system and water filtration system, supplied with the tub, provides the bubbles.


The art of bathscaping, outdoors

A little careful bathscaping and you can create the perfect outdoor spa.  Don’t forget a well-appointed surface for a few essential items – a book, a glass of wine, lotions & potions. Our Petrified Wood Stool provides a seat and a sturdy surface.  Made from rustic salvaged, buried timber, this beautifully whimsical design brings a touch of fairy magic to the garden.


Somewhere to hang a hat, robe or towel

Another really important accessory is a stand, rail or hook.  It will keep towels, robes and sunhats nice and dry; especially important if you’re creating a family-friendly spa.  Keeping true to nature, the Branchwood Towel Rail and Coat Stand are lovely options; they’re robust and they’re made from salvaged teak branches, so eco-friendly too.


Outside – but inside

If you want to create a garden spa but would rather a little shelter and privacy, why not use a garden shed.  This gorgeous space was created by Jolene Marshall at the bottom of her garden in Norfolk. All plumbed in, with hot and cold running water, our Tin Bath Tub takes pride of place in this beautiful “bath cabin.”  Find out more at The Workers Cottage.

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