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Lots of trends are short-lived but some come along and create a lasting impact. One such trend is Lagom, although it’s described more as an ‘approach’ rather than a design ideal.

Whilst Hygge was all about cosiness, Lagom leans more to moderation and balance – not too much and not too little; a fabulous concept to embrace at the start of the year. With natural, tactile materials playing a big part, our sleek Stone Resin Bathroom Range reflects its ideals.

Our Reclaimed Teak Root ‘wash-stands’ strike the perfect note if you’re looking for a Lagom alternative to man-made materials in the bathroom. Made from relcaimed timber and remnants, these simply designed tables make lovely stands for basins and bowls, with plenty of storage on a shelf underneath. Teak is a very durable material, used by boat builders for hundreds of years, so it’s durable, as well as beautiful.

Wood floors are also a Lagom main-stay. Natural wood tones, pale greys and whites create a sense of calm and infuse spaces with light. We love the fresh feel that our Boulevarde and Renaissance designs bring or, if you’re looking for something a little warmer, there’s Serenade or Serenity, which have more of a creamy brown tone.

For more inspiration, visit, join us on FACEBOOK, tweet us at Twitter or follow us on Instagram. Or, come and join us in our Burford showroom, in the heart of the Cotswolds.Lagom design isn’t complicated and focal points should be carefully chosen. A statement chair, like our Butterfly Chair, with its distinct stitching, would work really well. And, to reflect light in a hallway or bathroom, a striking mirror, like our Driftwood designs, would bring the perfect combination of nature and sculpture.

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