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The ‘old master’ of stone surfaces, flagstone flooring brings a very robust, majestic look to the home. In a traditional setting, it fits like a glove. But flagstones also work brilliantly in modern interiors, for that juxtapose, rather eclectic look.

With so many stunning designs on offer, it can be hard to choose. You’ll need to carefully consider the colour and finish of the material, along with the size of the flagstone flooring. But, as is often the case, you’ll probably be drawn to a certain style. We’re often asked which are our favourites; right now, we love:

Burgundy flagstones

Burgundy flagstones because they’re an old favourite; a classic that never fails to impress and for many, it’s ‘love at first sight’. The flagstone flooring is made from stone selected from three different quarries that are close to each other. This gives a beautiful mix of colour tones for that distinct patchwork effect. Ageing is expertly done by hand – the edges are pillowed and gently broken to create the look of a floor that’s been installed for centuries. Our flagstones come in a Versailles pattern which includes eight separate sized pieces or individual flagstones in varying widths and random lengths. The latter helps you create a linear look, whilst the Versailles pattern is a more traditional option.

Shire flagstones

Shire, which has a mottled, sandy tone and comes in an aged and tumbled format. Shire Aged has a pitted, textured surface, which is perfect for creating a lived-in look. Shire Tumbled has a smooth, ‘honed’ finish but with tumbled edges, which give it a slightly more contemporary edge. Both flagstone flooring designs are the same colour tone as original Cotswold stone – but Shire is denser, more durable and more economical.


Limestone flags, because they’re a great choice if you’re looking for a budget flagstone flooring design – but with fabulous end results. The limestone is expertly distressed to create an aged look and the flags have good non-slip qualities, making them a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Gentle colour variations between the stones – in mossy grey, butter and light tan tones – add to the overall effect.

Cathedral flagstone

Cathedral , which is quite new to our range. It’s a beautifully and expertly aged French limestone and the colours are gorgeous; a mix of greys and blues, so very much ‘of the moment’. The flagstone flooring slabs are gently tumbled and the design looks really stunning in a whole host of interior settings.

Reclaimed flagstone

And, lastly, Reclaimed Flagstones because it’s the real deal – but, in terms of price, it’s not for the faint hearted. It’s our truly authentic flagstone flooring option. It’s heavily textured and it has a deep brown mix of caramel and beige shades. It is the genuine article, with many a story to tell!

For more inspiration browse our flagstone flooring collection, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Or, pop into our Burford showroom to talk through ideas, and compare different stone samples over a coffee.

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