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For 2021 oak flooring trends, see our latest post.

We’re often asked about engineered oak flooring trends. Natural, more subtle floors are always a great choice. Unlike other materials, they don’t go out of fashion. But there are still trends to look out for!

Majestic planks – or something more random?

Wide floor planks gained a lot of momentum last year and this doesn’t look set to subside any time soon! One-strip engineered oak flooring planks are sawn from one log and expose the real beauty of the wood. Wider planks tend to be longer too, so there are less joins to interrupt the aesthetic. They create a feeling of space and work particularly well in large rooms.

In complete contrast, there’s a lot of interest in random plank sizes. This style gives a more informal and reclaimed feel. Having planks that vary in width as well as length gives a fabulous rustic look.

Adding texture with wood flooring

Tactile, textured surfaces are set to be a hot trend for 2017. An aged look can be achieved in lots of different ways, including wire brushing, tumbling and hand scraping. Our Boardwalk design captures this look perfectly. It has a rough sawn surface and a bevelled edge, which gives a sought-after reclaimed look.

Dark and sophisticated

The popularity of grey-toned floors is showing no signs of waning. Grey is the new neutral. Smoky-toned stains work so well with engineered oak flooring; complementing the timber’s knots and graining. Our Pavilion Grey limewashed oak floor is a great example of this and it works in both contemporary and traditional settings.

Very dark floors are also set to gain in popularity in 2017. Especially rich espresso tones that almost appear black. Who knows if it’s a trend that will endure but people love the sophisticated feel that a dark oak floor creates. But do bear in mind that very dark colours can make a room look smaller and tend to show up dust!

Scandi-style blondes

Despite the popularity of darker tones, lighter oak flooring is still the preferred choice for many and it has a wonderful Nordic feel. Natural tones, and floors with white finishes, create a fabulously spacious and airy aesthetic. They also look gorgeous in the sunlight. They also don’t show dust and work really well with ‘jewel’ colours, which are set to be hugely popular in 2017.

Create a pattern

Parquet-style Herringbone is still a rising trend. We saw it everywhere in 2016 and it’s going to stay for 2017.  Modern herringbone engineered oak flooring has a longer stave design than those from the 70’s. It also comes in plank form, so there aren’t lots of fiddly staves to install piece by piece. These floors inject a vintage WOW factor and look fabulous when they’re finished with hardwax oil; like our Tall Ship Brown design.

Old reclaimed charm

The real original deal – reclaimed oak tells a story and it’s going to become even more popular.   But, as demand increases, the supply of salvaged flooring will dwindle, making it even more desirable. Reclaimed wood flooring has an old world charm that weaves its magic in all interiors. But, if the price tag is a step too far, there are loads of fabulous vintage look engineered oak flooring options to choose from.

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