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How you lay your stone flooring can have a huge impact on the finished look. There are lots of options: linear and random, as well as specific pattern styles, and each will create a very different effect.

Linear flooring

Linear is a very uniform style, where the stone flooring is laid in straight lines. It tends to work well in large spaces and with large format tiles, which are very popular right now. Orderly stone tiles and grout lines draw the eye and encourage a good flow, giving a feeling of continuity. Linear works really well when it’s continued from room-to-room, especially if you want to create a feeling of fluidity and space.

Relaxed style

For a more relaxed look, different widths and lengths can be combined. Or, to widen a very elongated space – and to zone areas – lay a row of tiles in the opposite direction across the floor. This can work really well at doorways, to create a sense of entrance.

Random stone flooring

Historically, ‘true’ random stone flooring would be exactly that – flagstones of all sizes cobbled together and laid randomly, wherever they fitted best. Shapes and sizes would be determined by what the quarry delivered. Our Reclaimed Flagstones, Reclaimed Jerusalem and new County Stone are still truly random. Each stone is a different size and it’s laid wherever it fits best.

Modular patterns

Stone flooring is also offered in repeating modular patterns and the tiles often have an aged finish. This creates the look of original floor stone laid in a random fashion. For example, our large ‘Opus’ pattern is a classic masonry style that dates back to medieval times. It consists of four different stones which fit together to make a pattern; a series of individual patterns are then combined. The overall effect is more rustic and informal than linear; it works really well in homes with more irregular spaces and lots of different rooms, rather than one large open plan area. ‘Versailles’ patterns are also very popular and slightly more intricate. They comprise eight pieces, so create a bigger random pattern where the repeat is harder to spot.

It’s worth putting some serious thought into laying styles from the off, because it might well influence the colour, size and design that you choose. For more ideas, browse our flooring collection, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Or pop into our Burford showroom and compare different stone samples over a coffee.

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