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The bedroom-cum-bathroom is quite a popular thing in spa resorts and boutique hotels. It’s certain something we tend to associate with exotic holidays or long, intimate weekend breaks. But is it something that we should consider in our own homes?

Apparently, an increasing number of us are taking the plunge (excuse the pun) and opting for an open concept design. And, when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Bath tubs can add a fabulous sculptural element to the bedroom and work especially well in larger rooms. For a discreet design, partitions can be included or ornate folding screens kept handy for times when a little privacy is needed. There are lots of options but, also, lots of things to consider.

On the up side, the bedroom-cum-bathroom brings open plan living upstairs. It can be practical and can allow you to make the most of space and natural light. With some careful planning, rooms can feel really roomy and, if you’re lucky enough to have a view or a fireplace – or both – the bathing experience can be truly wonderful.

Aside from the privacy concerns that may put you off, humidity and moisture should be factored in. The bathing area will need to be ‘waterproofed’ really well and adequate ventilation included. Storage should also be carefully considered, as a cluttered area will ruin the aesthetic and the experience.

To create the perfect space, think carefully about traffic through the room and access into the bath. And consider what you’ll need at hand, in terms of products, towels, refreshments, a candle or book. Where will you put these?A small table may come in useful, or an over bath rack; there are some lovely wood and bamboo designs about, that include book stands and glass holders.

In terms of the actual bath, check to see if your floor will need strengthening. Once a tub is full of water, it can be quite a weight. Also, consider tiling around the bath, so that water isn’t such an issue; a natural porcelain-effect tile, like French Pierre, will provide a durable, slip resistant finish.

Walk-in showers and wet rooms can also be incorporated into a bedroom-cum-bathroom scheme, within a discreet screened area or sited as a very prominent feature. Bathroom areas that are contained behind an open-sided partition wall also work really well, keeping the two areas separate whilst allowing free access. Wall surfaces can also become features in their own right, if they’re clad with an interesting material, like a wood or metallic tile, or stone mosaic.

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