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Have you heard of hygge?

It’s a Norwegian term – pronounced hoo-ga – that’s described as meaning cosiness, wellbeing and joy. A hygge home embraces and comforts you like a cocoon. It lifts the spirits and reflects your personality and passions. Hygge lies in the contrast between the outside, with its raging elements, and the indoor cocoon you share with your loved ones.

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To create a hygge home, embrace organic materials…

…like wood, stone, wools, linens, leathers, metals, they bring soul to a space. Treat them right, look after them and they’ll mature beautifully, carrying on a story over time. Think stone flooring, with a gentle mix of warm, mellow colours, like our Promenade flagstone. And cosy in front of the fire with tactile knits.

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Mix old and new

Enjoy cherished heirlooms alongside new finds, to create that sought-after eclectic style. An old farmhouse table, with a crisp tablecloth and a mismatch of chairs; something rustic, like our Branchwood designs alongside some jewel coloured Perspex chairs for a hotchpotch contrast. In the bathroom, maybe a Stone Resin bath alongside a robust old dresser to store things away. And don’t forget the candles, to create a warm glow.

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Seek out simple pleasures

Stop, take a minute and find beauty in the detail. Something we’ve been saying at Indigenous for a long while, where we find the ordinary – wood salvaged from the forest; pitted stone; wholesome clay – and make it extraordinary.

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