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Our new Hot Tub is the latest (and the biggest!) addition to the Riverstone Collection. Sharing the same features as the Riverstone bath and riverstone basin, the new Hot Tub is hewn from a volcanic Basalt Rock boulder, originating from the active Marapi volcano in Central Java. Each Hot Tub is unique and is made-to-order; a silky smooth inside contrasts with a rugged exterior, creating a huge style statement for the home or garden.

Basalt is one of the most abundant components in the Earth’s crust; it is a fine-grained rock and it has an earthy, peppery tone. The basalt boulders are washed down river during the rainy season and become lodged down-stream; they are then handpicked, according to size, hewn and polished. Each Riverstone Hot Tub stands around one metre tall, two metres in diameter and weighs approx. 2,000kg.

“The Hot Tubs feed all of the senses and provide a fabulous natural feature, as well as a beautiful environment in which to relax and wallow. They can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors, all year round – Nordic-style when it’s cold or for a cool, refreshing dip in the summer,” explained Indigenous’ Clare Thomas.

The Riverstone Hot Tubs are supplied with an electric thermostatically-controlled heating system and water filtration system.

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