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6 ways to find the right piece of contemporary furniture

When you spurn traditional furniture for something more modern and contemporary, it can feel like you’re taking a risk. Here are six important things to think about when you embark on buying contemporary furniture.

1. Going natural with contemporary furniture

When people think of contemporary furniture it often conjures up images of uncomfortable perspex or metal. Wood, stone and leather can be used to give you a great current look, without compromising on style or comfort.

2. Make a statement

With unique textures and sculptural designs, you can make your furniture stand out and be noticed – some of our pieces look like works of art, perfect for creating that ‘wow’ factor.

3. Fitting in with your décor

Got a neutral hued home? Choose bespoke furniture in natural fibres and with a more sedate palette, such as creams, beiges and greys, and they’ll fit nicely into your surroundings, without clashing.

4. Be tactile

Alluring furniture just begs to be touched. Look for something that has a pleasing feel, such as a warm stone, soft wood or wicker in lovely flowing shapes. 

5. Environmentally friendly

If you’re searching for a piece of contemporary furniture that won’t have too much of an impact on the environment, then look for the  following:

6.Incredible quality

It’s essential you buy something that has been made using good quality materials. Everything we sell has been hand sourced by us to ensure that what you buy is genuine and will last for years to come.

For something that feels truly unique, but with a handmade feel, come and look at our select range of luxury contemporary furniture. Either pop into the Burford showroom in Oxfordshire, or Request a Brochure.

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