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Mosaic is a decorative art technique used in Mesopotamia in the ancient world as early as the third millennium BC. Much favoured by Greco-Roman cultures, the process involves arranging small pieces of glass, coloured stones, shells, ivory and other materials (all known as tesserae) to create images and vibrant decorative patterns.


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This eye-catching art is still popular today with modern artists expanding the range of materials used. The Indigenous collection of mosaic wall tiles includes some stunning examples in mother of pearl which can be used to add a decorative element to an interior design scheme.

Creating a unique look with mosaic wall tiles

 Mosaic tiling is a versatile option which can be used to enhance a design in many different ways, making the space more glamorous or sophisticated, with an attractive focal point for the eye.

One current trend with mosaic tiles is to link contrasting materials, such as stone, ceramic and wood, to provide texture and interest to the interior design look. Sometimes introducing mosaic is also used to break up a large expanse of wall tiles, to catch your eye and provide detail. Note too that, as well as offering a contrast, mosaic tiles can also be employed to echo or complement shades or textures used elsewhere in your design.

Adding mosaic tiling elements can be used to change the distribution of light and shade within a space. Perhaps the most dramatic example of this technique is to create a mosaic feature wall to act as a characterful decorative element. This design strategy usually means decorating adjacent areas in more neutral tones to maintain an overall balance.

In functional spaces it can also be a stylish addition to use mosaics to signify the difference between certain areas – such as the bath and shower spaces within a bathroom or wet room.

Elegant natural mosaic wall tiles

 Indigenous offer a selection of striking mother of pearl tile designs. All are suitable for wall mounting with individual tiles applied to a mesh backing for convenient installation. Black Mother of Pearl shell tiles will add a wonderful air of opulence to any interior. These exquisite saltwater shell mosaics have a natural colouring which will not fade in sunlight.

Where blue shades would be an appropriate choice, Blue Mother of Pearl tiles offer a suite of blue tones, with some metallic in nature, while others are opaque and reflective. These mosaics are farmed from freshwater shellfish, making them a totally sustainable option.

Brown Mother of Pearl mosaics provide an on-trend sepia mix of copper and metallic tones which could be used to add a tasteful touch of glamour to your space. Once again, these are freshwater-shellfish derived mosaics and thus wholly sustainable.

Another classic natural product, Champagne Mother of Pearl mosaics offer a dazzling array of different hues: Amber, honey, silvers and buttery tones sparkle and shimmer as they catch the light. Guaranteed not to fade in sunlight, these beautiful saltwater shell mosaics would make a stunning feature wall.

Grey Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles would make a fascinating addition where a contemporary design needs a touch of detail to create a distinctive look. Farmed from freshwater shellfish, and therefore 100% sustainable, these individual mother of pearl tiles offer a selection of dark and light greys, some metallic in nature, as well as some subtle brown undertones.

Eye-catching White Mother of Pearl mosaics will combine well with other tiles, or could also be used to create an attractive feature wall in dazzling white.


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