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Iconic marble wall tiles can be used to create a luxury interior space with clean lines and a sophisticated look. Whilst there’s no denying classic white marble is a stunning visual spectacle, marble tiles are also available in a range of refined shades, from vivid browns and reds through to a jet black colour with prominent white veins. Usually available with a smooth honed surface or polished to reveal its superb reflective properties, marble tiling is an exquisite option which can transform any interior setting. 

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Style statement

Wherever it is used, marble signifies tasteful refinement. And provided the design complements the space, marble tiling can enhance most areas within the home: A pristine marble-tiled kitchen area, a classic bathroom design which captures the timeless appeal of bathing in a marbled environment, or a more unusual brown or warm, rusty red marble used to add a unique touch to a room decorated in today’s darker colours.

Matching interior décor

Marble wall tiles are characterised by their base colour, and then also some form of veining running through the tile in a contrasting colour. This could perhaps be a blue-grey, a pale cream, dark brown or even white. So from a design perspective, picking out this secondary colour in curtains, cushions or some other decorative feature would introduce elements which further enhance the overall mood of your space. Or alternatively, dark polished wood surfaces or brass and copper elements can be used to introduce contrasting colours and textures.

An exquisite palette of marble shades

The Indigenous collection of marble wall tiles, is offered in a honed or polished finish, and will allow you to choose the look you want to create in your given interior:

The Indigenous Nero tile offers a dense, durable stone surface which has remained a great favourite with professional interior designers. So if you’re looking for an intense black marble with a delicate pattern of white veining which can be polished or honed to perfection, then Nero is the ideal choice.

A rich creamy beige tile, Breccia Sardia has an eye-catching pattern of irregular veins which look extremely decorative when spread across a larger surface area. Use Breccia Sardia to add a touch of warm elegance.

One of the more dramatic marbles, Dark Emperador is a fine-grained stone in a rich, dark brown shade with a fine network of pale veins which also vary in density and thickness. When polished to a high-gloss finish, this stone simply radiates luxury and sophistication.

Another of the paler marbles, Botticino will bring a sense of lightness to your interior. A creamy light beige with beautifully light veining and a few darker touches, Botticino offers a warm, stylish option for your bathroom interior.

Offering a similar veining pattern to Dark Emperador, but in much lighter colours, Light Emperador would be an exquisite choice for bathrooms designed with luxury and elegance in mind.

As its name suggests, Crema Marfil marble is a wonderfully rich cream colour which is always a popular choice for bathroom areas. Crema Marfil not only looks great, but like all of the marbles offered by Indigenous, it is also easy to keep clean.

A classic white Italian marble of magnificent quality, dense and hard-wearing Carrara marble has the looks to match its pedigree. Another designer favourite, choose Carrara in bathroom spaces where its sophistication and timeless elegance can best be seen and enjoyed to the full.  

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