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Marble Effect Wall Tiles

The natural beauty of marble makes it an optimal choice to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any interior living space. But recent technological advances mean that homeowners can now replicate this look using marble effect wall tiles of stunning authenticity to create a room decorated in marble at an affordable price. Furthermore, the availability of marble effect tiling in large formats allows designers to use their chosen pattern for both walls and flooring, thus creating a seamless space, with minimal grout lines to distract the eye. So porcelain tiles with a marble effect now give consumers an extremely viable alternative when they wish to add a touch of elegance to their home.


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Stunning realism

Unlike earlier replica marble tiles, today’s marble effect wall tiles offer an aesthetically pleasing simulation which is highly reminiscent of the look and detail of natural marble. This impressive visual appearance means that often it’s only the practised eye of an expert that can really spot the use of marble effect products.

Sophisticated digital enhancement

Using modern digital equipment, manufacturers can now capture the detail of natural marble via high resolution images. Sophisticated software then translates these into high variance patterns using a much-expanded palette of colours to capture every nuance of natural marble tones. And advances in ink jet printing technology allow the production of tile designs which extend right to the edge of the tile, plus the creation of tile surfaces with a textured appearance. The result is high quality marble effect tiling fit to grace any interior.

Practical and durable option

Though contemporary marble effect tiling can offer vibrant designs with great visual appeal, porcelain tiles also have other positive advantages. They are lighter than natural stone, as well as being easier to cut, which all makes for easier installation. In addition, marble effect wall tiles are waterproof and stain and liquid resistant. Thus, unlike natural stone, these tiles will not require sealing and regular maintenance. Porcelain tiling is also a dense and hard-wearing product, and so can be used effectively in busy areas of the home.

Highlights from the Indigenous collection

With its classic white marble surface, the Arabescato tile closely resembles the popular white/grey Carrara marble. This tile has a polished finished which captures and reflects the light, creating an exquisite feature which will enhance any setting. Where something darker is required, the Grey tile offers an elegant dark-charcoal shade. Available in both matt and polished finishes, Grey marble effect tiles would create a tasteful, refined atmosphere.

Another lighter shade, Onice Perlato is a tile with a creamy beige marble appearance and a subtle veining effect which runs throughout the pattern, creating a strong sense of classical style. This tile can be supplied with either a matt or polished surface and would make an elegant backdrop for a traditional furnished room. Meanwhile, Pulpis Grey is a mid-grey design with plenty of characterful detail, which would be very suitable for most contemporary settings, including kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms.

For a more dramatic effect, use a tile such as Statuario – a stark, white marble with an occasional strong grey marking running through it – perhaps for an eye-catching feature wall, or as a backdrop to a contemporary, minimalist design. And if your overall mood is restrained and modern, then the Zebrino design offers a porcelain tile with delicate vertical streaks inspired by the natural markings of a zebra. This organic pattern will promote a calm, tranquil atmosphere within any living space.


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