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Primarily consisting of the fragmented remains of marine life deposited on the ocean bed, limestone is a mineral rich sedimentary rock greatly valued for its beauty and durability. These qualities make natural limestone wall tiles a popular choice, and the Indigenous collection offers tiles in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes. Lighter colours are always a particular favourite , but darker limestones can also be well worth considering where a setting demands a particular look. Note too that different lengths can often be used to good effect, and that alternative finishing techniques will often influence the colour intensity as well as the surface texture.


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Limestone finished surfaces

The face of a limestone tile is finished in a certain way to create particular aesthetic effects:

- Tumbled stone tiles undergo a process where they are aged in a vibrating machine containing ceramic chips, which gives them a time-worn, aged appearance.

- Honed stone tiles are ground down to create a consistent surface which is smooth and flat. This gives the tile a more contemporary look and often leaves a matte surface.

- Polished surfaces are created by a similar grinding process, but the aim is to leave a surface sheen in place.

- Sandblasting and brushing are techniques used to remove some looser parts of the surface material, thus creating a tile with a more interesting surface texture and a softer colouring.

It is also possible to combine some of these treatments in order to create a particular finish. For example, a rustic-looking stone may also be brushed and tumbled, or a smoothly honed surface may be subsequently re-polished.

Special treatments to the tile edges can also affect the visual appearance of the tiling. Crisp square edges tend to complement contemporary interior designs, whereas broken or chipped edges tend to look best in rustic-style spaces. 

Popular designs

A premium choice, the Midas tile is a warm honey coloured design which also contains an occasional fossil. This classic limestone is an elegant, low-maintenance option which would be a perfect tiling choice almost anywhere in the house. Suitable for most contemporary and traditional interiors, Med-Grey is a hard-wearing limestone with softly tumbled edges and attractive blue and grey shades.

Those looking for contemporary limestone wall tiles for a bathroom might consider Forum, a tile with a pale-beige background and some blue-grey speckling. This offers something a little different to a cream limestone and would look great seamlessly cascading across walls and flooring. Ink, a stunning blue-grey limestone tile, is another hard-wearing, stunning option with a square edge and clean lines which would be perfectly at home in a contemporary setting.

Where a setting demands rustic charm, Tuscany, a hard-wearing limestone, with its soft brown and grey tones would be a perfect choice. Gently tumbled with a honed surface and deep veining, this wall tile has an exquisite aged look and a top surface which is beautifully silky in appearance. With its traditional creamy limestone look, Abbey Tumbled is full of rustic charm and its gently rounded broken edges and wonderfully aged look explain why this tile is a perennial favourite for creating a rural ambiance. Offering yet another tonal variation, Heritage Tumbled is a dense, hard-wearing limestone with a mix of restrained grey and caramel tones which would blend well in a variety of interior spaces.



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