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Practical and attractive wall tiles are not only a kitchen essential, but also a great opportunity to add a final cohesive touch which gives your project a unique character. The Indigenous range offers plenty of kitchen tiling choice with everything from elegantly understated natural materials to vibrant contemporary designs which really catch the eye. A carefully chosen kitchen tile scheme can combine style and function as well as setting the tone of your culinary space.


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Why not add a touch of Iberian colour with some hand-crafted glazed tiles in Spanish terracotta? Created by master craftsmen, these tiles are full of subtle variations – beguiling imperfections which are an important part of the enduring charm and authenticity of each piece. Try Agua Marina to recreate a turquoise sea, Frambuesa for a ‘strawberries and cream’ look, or Verde in a strong emerald green to give your kitchen a stylish jewel colour

Where a contemporary, industrial look is required, or to add an intriguing and delightfully funky burst of interior colour, the Indigenous range of fusion wall tiles are hard to beat. Crafted by a multi-phase firing process known as ‘bicoturra’, these striking kitchen wall tiles produce a subtle layering of colours which produces a final effect that is vibrant and opulent.

Something like Marina Breeze, Ocean Blue or Sea Bed could be used to create a modern oceanic vibe, while designs such as Iceberg, Red Lava or Rose Magma would introduce a more organic feel. And if the preferred ambiance demands rather more pastel shades, then patterns such as Tangerine, Watercolour, Matera and Mint Green would add a tasteful background presence.

Marble kitchen wall tiles offer a timeless touch of elegance and an air of pristine cleanliness entirely in keeping with the functional importance of the kitchen space. Natural marble appears in crystalline form as Dolomite, Magnesium or Calcite and is characterised by a wealth of intricate surface detail, with silky smooth Indigenous marble tiles coming in a range of magnificent shades. The classic veins and streaking of white Carrara marble conjure up images of Greco-Roman splendour, while the rich black marble surface and distinctive white veining of the Nero wall tile make it a popular choice for those seeking a sumptuous backdrop to set off a luxury kitchen. Meanwhile, a selection of soft, warm reds, browns and beige hues can be used to lend an air of opulence in spaces which call for more subtle and muted shades.

Many designers advocate slate wall tiles for a graceful, elegant kitchen interior in natural materials. One advantage of this strategy is that, where required, the look can be installed to flow seamlessly across both walls and flooring, creating a luxurious visual statement and giving the design a totally unified feel.

Traditional riven slate offers a pleasing, textured surface and colours range from the uniformity of common grey and black tones to richer, multicoloured blends of brown, gold and blue shades. This latter option can be seen at its very best in the Brazilian Multicolour slate tile. A riven slate with a square edge, this hard wearing tile comprises a stunning overlay of a kaleidoscope of rustic browns and shades of ochre against a grey base and could form part of a signature feature in any contemporary home.


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