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A kitchen is naturally a functional space, however, the modern trend towards open plan kitchens for spending time in, dining in, as well as cooking, means that style has become a top priority. People want to relax and enjoy their kitchen areas. Kitchen wall cladding is a great way to upgrade and restyle your culinary interior, perhaps used to create a focal wall, transforming your kitchen into a stylish living space, rather than just a room for mundane chores.

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So what is cladding?

 A creative concept whose popularity is ever-growing, cladding is a favoured technique used by today’s architects and designers. For instance, cladding is often used to create stunning walls with distinctive textures (either flat or in 3D), sometimes in discrete feature areas or otherwise spread across an entire living space. The use of mixed materials in interior design is an enduring trend, and cladding can be a stylish and practical way to develop this concept in your home. Vibrant metallics, characterful woods and striking fabrics can be used individually, or in combination, to revitalise a space using natural materials. Another advantage of this approach is that it leaves plenty of room for homeowners to create their own unique style statement.

Practical considerations

 Even though the rationale is to add character to your kitchen space, there are a few things to think about at the planning stage. Adding a stylish feature will, of course, also impact upon the overall design. So have you considered how your planned feature will harmonise with your existing colour scheme? What effect will any new ideas and textures have on the ambiance? To what extent will it alter the play and distribution of light?

This is also the moment to consider the potential lifespan of everything now planned for your kitchen work space. How durable are the materials you intend to use? Will they stand the test of time? And is that important?

Furthermore, even with a new lease of life and a different role, your kitchen will still be a working space. So you should choose your materials carefully, bearing in mind this is a busy area where heat and liquids can be found.

Some highlights from the Indigenous collection

 The term pyrography means 'decorative writing with fire' and the art of burning text and designs into wood for decorative effect has a long history. Pyrography Chestnut cladding is an exquisite warm-toned, decorative wood cladding. This design uses embossed French text in the style of antique wine crates and would add a certain vintage chic to any kitchen area. Texts are burnt on to the wood using a hot metal stamp and with larger orders, wording can often be individually chosen.

A striking visual and textural effect can be achieved with Old Barrels kitchen wall cladding. This wooden material consists of a combination of recycled, wooden wine casks. Each has been carefully selected to add its own unique texture to your kitchen interior. A subtle mix of dark brown and russet tones, this arrangement would form the perfect backdrop for a variety of traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Once installed, you’ll almost believe you can smell the wine! Copper oxidises once the metal has been in contact with air, water, heat or acidic compounds. And as the Oxidised Copper cladding vividly demonstrates, the result is a charming blue-green mix of stunning intensity, known as verdigris. Effectively preventing further oxygen exposure, this forms a solid protective layer and creates a stunning decorative collage of colours and textures.


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