Handmade glazed wall tiles in stunning colours

Glazed Tiles

Beautifully handmade Spanish terracotta tiles, glazed by master artisans to achieve each distinctive and striking colour. Produced using traditional craft methods, accompanied by new creative techniques. Perfectly imperfect, each tile has subtle variations, creating your own truly unique look.

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The Indigenous collection of glazed wall tiles offers a perfectly balanced palette of warm colours to complement and enhance any home interior. These subtle shades of red, blue, green, white and yellow, all beautifully made in exquisite Spanish terracotta, will add a distinctive element of striking colour and provide a classic finishing touch of the highest quality.

Hand-crafted by master artisans using traditional techniques, these Iberian tiles are individually made and glazed. As a result, each tile has a unique character and exhibits minor variations which add so much to the rustic charm of these pieces. All tiles are fired at 1000°C and thus entirely suitable for the demands of modern living. The tiles display a smooth, sealed surface and are finished with a characteristic uneven edge. They are available in a range of sizes, and in both square and rectangular formats.


Seascapes and more

To evoke images of a sparkling ocean, why not consider Agua Marina, a beautiful tile in a delicate shade of light turquoise? Or for something richer and deeper which would offer an exquisite contrast to light coloured furnishings, there’s the Azul design in a dark and sultry blue. Where a slightly more restrained effect is required, Azul Lavanda could be used to conjure up images of a warm Mediterranean shoreline washed by a picturesque blue sea and fringed by Provençal lavender in blue and purple tones. And if your setting demands a sky tone, then Azul Claro will create an image of a sophisticated pale-blue sky with a delicate eggshell texture.


Restrained reds

Red is a very popular colour, but rarely needs to be overstated. For instance, a pattern such as Frambuesa, a pale red with just the merest hint of white, would be a perfect choice for a kitchen, where it would forever evoke images of summer strawberries and cream. And likewise, Salmon – a pale orange colour withsubtle tonal variations – would be another great option for any culinary space. But if the desired ambiance requires something stronger, then the Rojo design will give a rich tone which closely resembles the deep red colouring of mature, sun-ripened Mediterranean tomatoes.


A white for every occasion

According to interior designers it’s impossible to have too many whites, which is one reason why the Indigenous collection of glazed wall tiles offers plenty of shades. Blanco is a pure bright white for those locations where a fresh, clean look is essential – so this would be the ideal choice for a kitchen or bathroom splashback. And where a softer effect is called for, Blanco Antiguo is a darker and more subtle white which introduces a note of grey. Blanco Craquele is another design which is paler than Blanco, and also a little less bright. Its crazed surface makes this a popular pattern where a time-worn look is required. Meanwhile, the Crema tile offers a soft, creamy shade of vanilla for those instances which demand something a little softer and warmer than a traditional white.


Natural shades

When your design calls for a bright, sunny yellow, consider the eye-catching Amarillo, or for something a little more restrained, you could perhaps use the Miel tile which is a dark honey shade very reminiscent of English mustard. And for greens, Verde is a bold emerald green which would look stunning as part of a splashback, whilst Verde Pastel is a paler version in a refined pastel shade.



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