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Fusion Wall Tiles

Our Fusion Glazed wall tile collection has a strong artisan feel and is characterised by a stunning array of colours , ranging from fresh lime and aquamarine mixes, with an oceanic-vibe, to opulent jewel shades. Each tile is unique and is made using a traditional, lengthy and carefully followed production process called 'Bicoturra.'  Firstly the terracotta tiles are baked, they are then coated with a perfect mix of oxides, crystalline and glazes. Before each firing, a different coloured glaze is applied to the tile until the final design is complete.

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The Indigenous fusion collection of glazed wall tiles combines a range of contemporary design themes, including industrial, environmental and techno-futuristic accents, to produce a selection of images reflecting urban chic at its very best. This expert blend of styles and influences is sometimes edgy but also has a strong artisan feel and many of these designs would be very much at home in a range of settings from classic to contemporary.

Traditional bicottura techniques

Fusion wall tiles are produced by the bicottura method, an established technique for producing tiling which features decorative patterns. With this method, terracotta tiles are first baked to form a simple unglazed ‘biscuit’, which then undergoes further firings to create a detailed tile with multiple colours and a glazed finish built up in successive layers.

While Indigenous Fusion glazed tiles exploit this same process, the design outcomes are intended to be rather bolder and more contemporary in nature. Handmade by master craftsmen, each Fusion tile is carefully coated with a certain mix of oxides, crystalline and glazes before each firing. The result (which can take several days to achieve) is a unique range of tiles with complex glazes and rich vibrant colours displaying subtle variations of tone and textural detail which signify to the authentic, hand-crafted process.

A versatile collection featuring diverse moods

Though the Fusion wall tiles in this collection share a common method of production, the range is characterised by a thematic diversity which will help homeowners to find a pattern which reflects the distinctive mood and look they are seeking for any particular interior space.

Several fusion tiles conceptualise our respect for the natural world, and especially its oceans. Marina Breeze uses a speckled texture to capture the essence of a foaming sea, while Ocean Blue and Sea Bed depict oceanic textures and invite us to explore some of the mysteries of the deep. Meanwhile, Sea Green illustrates the subtle effect of light upon the marine environment, a feature which the Iceberg tile also celebrates, but from a polar perspective.

The calm moods of nature is a theme picked up elsewhere by tiles such as Grey Moonlight, an image which captures a gently diffusing lunar light, and the Sage Green and Mint Green tiles which reflect the diverse colourings of our plants and herbs. This particular topic is explored further in three citrus-themed designs: Lime Green, where the colour wash sits above a white and grey/black background, Olive Brown, which captures all but the smell of the fruit, and Tangerine, which traces the character of these orange-red, sun-ripened treats.

The earthy, volcanic side of our planet is depicted in tiles such as Rose Magma, and the diffuse image on the Yellow Sun tile is a view from deep in the cosmos – a futuristic theme echoed in designs like Galaxy, with its flashing streaks of light, and the dark, brooding colours of Deep Space.

Those seeking delicate, impressionist designs will not be disappointed. Mauve and Watercolour are two subtle mono-tone studies against a simple backdrop, while Clear Dawn and Tobacco are tile designs offering colourful depth with a metallic tinge, and Black Asphalt is a bold, textured swirl of glossy black complete with elements which capture the impressive detail of a bubbling liquid mix in a volatile state.

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