Onyx Basin

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Our Onyx Basin is hewn from stone and then hand polished to bring out the stone’s natural layered tiger-stripe.  It combines a rough, textured exterior with a silky-smooth inside, and makes for a striking statement look. The basin is designed to sit atop a pedestal or vanity unit and works especially well partnered with wood. We love its rustic qualities.

Onyx is a semi-precious stone, formed when water dissolves limestone and re-deposits it as a new kind of stone.  In limestone caves, it’s formed by drip water, in a similar way to stalagmites and stalactites. Its luminous bands of colour can range from red to jade green.  Our design is handmade from cream-toned onyx which combines ivory, fawn and brown bands.  To clean, choose a specialist stone cleaning product or something as neutral as possible.


Weight – 25 kgs (approx)
Water Capacity – 4 litres (approx)
Waste Included – No.  The waste measures 60 mm and wastes can be supplied and sold separately.
Overflow – No
Characteristics – These basins will vary in size, shape and colour due to the natural characteristics of Onyx.

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