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When creating or upgrading a bathroom, your choice of tiling will be part of setting the tone and style for that interior space, whether it be a family bathroom or a luxury ensuite. For some this means highlighting features which are unique to the bathroom itself, while others may wish to visually echo, reference or continue elements of the interior design used elsewhere in the property. Whatever your project strategy, the Indigenous collection of bathroom wall tiles has a broad selection of materials, designs and textures to inspire your plans, deliver both style and quality, and ensure the final result more than meets your expectations.


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Terracotta tones

How about a glazed finish using some vibrant Spanish terracotta tiling to create a warm and welcoming bathroom? These handmade traditional tiles are crafted by skilled artisans and exhibit all the characterful variations which are such a distinctive fingerprint of this rustic genre. Choose Azul Claro for an exquisite pale sky blue, Amarillo for a deep sunny yellow, or Rojo for a fiery, Hispanic red. Those seeking aged rustic chic will love the Blanco Craquele, while Salmon and Verde Pastel offer subtle and refined pastel shades.

Cool contemporary chic

The Indigenous collection of Fusion wall tiles offers a contemporary, industrialist vibe with designs incorporating metallic effects and muted or neutral shades. Employing a multi-layer ‘bicoturra’ technique, these tiles combine striking colour glazes and unusual textures to absolutely stunning effect. Try Black Asphalt, Galaxy or Space tiles for very useable examples of an on-trend, futuristic look. And if your space demands a more natural, eco-sensitive design, then it’s certainly worth looking at tiles such as Iceberg, Clear Dawn or Yellow Sun, or even paler, neutral options such as Mauve and Marina Breeze. 

Magical mosaics

Mosaics are a popular choice for bathroom wall tiling and these small, intricate tiles can have a massive impact on an interior design scheme. They can be used to add textural contrast, to create an amazing decorative wall, as a border, or just to add a subtle accent to highlight or finish an interior. Black Mother of Pearl shines with sumptuous natural hues, while Blue Mother of Pearl is 100% sustainable and offers a palette of blue tones. Mother of Pearl mosaics are also available in subtle shades of brown, grey and champagne, and White Mother of Pearl gives a dazzlingly pure white which can be deployed to stunning effect.  

Classic marble 

Marble is a natural material which has been valued for its exquisite beauty since ancient times. The Indigenous collection of bathroom wall tiles includes some magnificent examples of marble tiling. There’s Breccia Sardia, a creamy beige tile with a delightful irregular pattern running across the surface, classic white Carrara marble which is highly prized by professional interior designers for its wonderful blue/grey veining, and the dense, hard-wearing Nero - a distinctive tile which has an intense black colouring and subtle white veins. 

Sophisticated slate

Versatile slate wall tiles can contribute a note of sophistication, or offer the perfect minimalist backdrop. Using shades of black or grey, slate can easily be installed so that it flows across walls and floor to create a bathroom space with a totally unified feel. And if a slate, such as the lightly riven Brazilian Black is used, then all surfaces will offer good non-slip properties too.

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