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Bathroom wall cladding is a great way to transform the look of any bathroom. And whilst such work can be done simply to cover up untidy walls and make the environment waterproof, it’s also an opportunity to create a stylish space which will impact upon the ambiance of your home. In former days, most cladding was rather functional, but modern cladding now focuses on being highly decorative and uses a range of materials and design ideas which can be employed to create a bathroom which reflects your own personal style.



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Cladding basics

Much favoured by modern architects and designers, cladding is a creative concept which is being embraced by increasing numbers of today’s homeowners. Sometimes restricted to smaller ‘feature’ areas, or an integral part of a the entire room design, cladding is often used to create characterful walls (either flat or in 3D relief) with distinctive textures. Linked to the enduring popularity of mixed materials, bathroom wall cladding can become a stylish example of this contemporary design trend. Striking fabrics, characterful timbers and vibrant metallics can be employed individually, or in different combinations, to revamp a space using natural materials. Cladding also allows homeowners plenty of scope to create their own unique, characterful bathroom interiors.

Practical design constraints

Despite the fact your intention may be to update or add character to your bathroom, there are still some important matters which must be thought through at the design stage. Any new additions will naturally influence the overall design too. So have you assessed precisely how the proposed features will blend with your existing colour scheme? What impact any new ideas will have on the ambiance of the space? And to what extent these proposals may alter the amount of light available, and how it is distributed?

This is also the right time to consider the remaining useful life of all the elements within your bathroom. How durable are the new materials you plan to install? How long are they likely to last? And how much does that matter to you?

Furthermore, even with a new lease of life your bathroom must still remain a comfortable, convenient and functional space. So you should choose your materials carefully, bearing in mind that this is a high-traffic area where water is present and the atmosphere is often damp.

Some highlights of the Indigenous collection

Slate is a fabulous material for creating an organic luxe look in the bathroom. It contrasts beautifully with crisp white and chrome elements, creating a spa-like feel. Split-face, textured surfaces add lots of texture, whilst smoother finishes create a seamless look that’s easier to look after. Choose from Brazilian Black, Grey and Multicolour, which is a mix of grey and brown, with ochre shades overlaid.

From urban-style concrete to metal-effects, our Porcelain Collection includes wall finishes for all interior styles. If you’re looking to create a truly opulent space, explore the marble effects. Each of these finishes has distinct, veined patterning in contrasting white/grey. Tiles can be wrapped round from wall to floor, clad to vanity surfaces and continued into shower areas. Their modern construction also brings lots of practical benefits, including stain and water resistance.

Our stone cladding collection brings together lots of different shades, patterns and textures. Limestone is a popular choice, with speckled designs like Forum giving walls an elegant, rustic feel. Elongated ’subway’ formats work really well on walls and are great for creating subtle features – in smart linear rows, herringbone patterns or traditional brick formats.





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