Sea-worn Driftwood Mirrors join Indigenous’ range

A new collection of Driftwood Mirrors has joined Indigenous’ Interiors range. The stunning mirrors have a surround sculptured from driftwood, washed ashore off Indonesia, from the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Once dried, the twig-like pieces of timber are woven by hand to create the distinct ‘sea worn’ frames. The collection includes a port-hole shaped mirror and large rectangular design.

Most driftwood comes from tree remains washed into the ocean. As it floats in the water, it can be colonized by various aquatic life, eaten by bacteria and covered in algae. Its outer layers of bark are often stripped out and tiny boring animals may dig a network of tunnels through the timber. As a result, driftwood is often extremely light when it dries out and it provides an ideal material for sculpture, that’s been on an incredible journey.

Indigenous’ Driftwood Mirrors bring a rustic, natural look to any room. The circular mirror measures 800mm x 100mm and the rectangular design measures 1500mm x 60mm x 100mm.

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